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Director of IFS Paul Johnson kicks off Tackle the Issues series with launch of “Follow the Money”

Paul-Johnson-2023 Plus Prof Sasha Roseneil

Director of IFS Paul Johnson kicks off Tackle the Issues series with launch of “Follow the Money”

Tackle the Issues*

Paul Johnson, Director for the Institute for Fiscal Studies, introduces his new book launch of “Follow The Money – How Much Does Britain Cost?
What is the truth about Britain’s finances? Join us at this important literary event, featuring Paul Johnson and Professor Sasha Roseneil.

Ropetackle Arts Centre is delighted to announce the visit on 24th February of Paul Johnson, Director of the Institute of Fiscal Studies and one of the country’s leading economists, to mark the publication (on 23rd February) of his book “Follow the Money” – a sceptical examination of the way the state raises and spends £1 trillion of our money every year.

The talk will be at the Shoreham Centre, Pond Road at 7.30pm.

Paul will show how bad politics has resulted in damaging policy decisions, why taxes are rising to unprecedented levels, and how we have neglected the young for too long. He will also challenge us to recognise that there are no easy solutions and that we, the electorate, need to support politicians in making tough choices, and the trade-offs that are the inevitable, if rarely acknowledged, prerequisite for good policy-making.

Paul will be interviewed by Professor Sasha Roseneil, Vice-Chancellor of Sussex University. Before her Sussex appointment in August 2022, Professor Roseneil held posts as UCL’s first Pro-Provost for Equity and Inclusion and Executive Dean of the Faculty of Social and Historical Sciences, and Executive Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Essex.

Paul was brought up in Shoreham and attended King’s Manor School (now Shoreham Academy) and always draws a sell-out crowd at Ropetackle. The book, published by Abacus at Hatchett UK, will be in book shops from Saturday 25th March: however our partner, City Books, will be selling copies on the night, which Paul will sign after the event.

What they are saying about “Follow the Money”:

Read it, absorb it, and understand how the country works. Laura Kuenssberg

This is an important book by the economist who has set the terms of so much political debate over the past decade. If you want to understand why crazy politics routinely trumps economic rationality in government choices, read this. Robert Peston

Fire and passion, combined with the facts. Every politician should get a copy, as the tales of short-sighted, election-fixated, cowardly decision-making are so depressing. And your way forward looks so blindingly sensible. Polly Toynbee


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