Dr David Bramwell’s No 9 Bus to Utopia

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When David’s partner left him for someone she described as “younger, but more mature”, he set himself the challenge of being a more sharing, loving person.

As a man with a taste for the exotic however, this was never going to be resolved by a weekend course in mindfulness. Instead he embarked on global adventure. Taking a year off he journeyed through Europe and America visiting an anarchist haven in Denmark, a spiritual caravan park in Scotland frequented by Ruby Wax, a paradisal community in Californian dreamt up by Aldous Huxley and an entire eco-city in the Arizona desert.

Most impressive of all was Damanhur, a 1000-strong community in the Alps with a giant underground temple the size of St Paul’s Cathedral, a village of tree houses and an orchestra of singing plants.

Along the way David’s quest raised issues that beset many of us. Why is depression rife amongst those who have wealth and freedom? Is getting what you want really utopian? Could alternative communities teach us a better way to live in both our relationships and our modern cities? If so, why do they all insist on wearing tie-dye?

Inspired by his adventures David returned home with a desire to change. Not just himself but also his neighbourhood and city.

Find out how he succeeded in this funny and uplifting solo show that asks some big questions and finds the answers surprisingly simple.

David is a Sony-Award winning broadcaster for BBC Radio 3 and 4. He won awards for ‘Outstanding Theatre’ and ‘Best Comedy’ for his solo show The Haunted Moustache and is the author of several books.

David has appeared on BBC Radio 4’s Saturday Live, The Museum of Curiosity, The Verb and Radio 2’s The Chris Evans Radio Show.

He is host of Ropetackle’s monthly Catalyst Club.

  • Date
    Wed, January 24, 2024
  • Start time 7:30 PM
  • Price £10.00
  • Duration 90 Minutes
  • Event format TBA

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