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Ropetackle Storytellers: To Shame The Devil

About this event

Women of a certain age, we all know the feeling – torn between frustration at the world and just no longer giving a damn.

We watch the people around us make mistake after mistake, taking terrible deals and making their lives a living hell, and we know things could be improved – if only someone would stop and listen to our advice for once!

These are the stories of the wise women that won, and just how they managed it.

Herbalist, hedge witch and tale-teller Marina Evans weaves together folklore, legend, and a good dose of common sense, bringing a comic and exasperated take on how to deal with the devil’s bargains.

  • Date
    Mon, October 9, 2023
  • Start time 7:30 PM
  • Price £7.00
  • Duration 120 Minutes
  • Event format TBA

Event Expired

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