Sponsoring Ropetackle Arts Centre

Are you a business looking to raise your profile in the local community? Do you want to make a difference and support the arts?
If so, we have a lot to offer you!

Sponsoring Ropetackle Arts Centre

Sponsoring the Ropetackle Arts Centre is a distinctive opportunity for businesses to elevate their profile. As a vital arts and community hub in Shoreham-by-Sea since 2007, aligning with Ropetackle not only enhances your community outreach but also positions your brand amidst a rich array of cultural events. By doing so, you'll reap exclusive benefits, cultivate local partnerships, and play a role in an arts legacy that captivates over 40,000 attendees each year. Join us in making a lasting impact and let your business resonate alongside the finest in the arts.

  • After providing for your loved ones, a legacy gift of any size will play a significant role in securing Ropetackle for future generations.
  • Ropetackle is a registered charity (no. 1109381), which means that your gift will be exempt from Inheritance Tax.
  • If you decide to leave at least 10% of your estate to charity, the Inheritance Tax rate on the rest of your estate may reduce from 40% to 36%.

Leaving a legacy gift is easy to do. You can leave a specific amount, or a percentage of your estate after you have provided for family and friends.

You can download suggested draft wording for Residuary and Pecuniary bequests in your will.

If you have already made a gift to Ropetackle in your will or are considering it, we would love to hear from you so that we can thank you personally for your generosity. Please complete our simple Pledge Form or email us via: legacy@ropetacklecentre.co.uk

If you prefer to remain anonymous, please let us know and we will ensure that your intentions remain private.

To explore sponsorship opportunities with Ropetackle, please reach out to us at sponsorship@ropetacklecentre.co.uk. All inquiries will be handled with the utmost discretion and confidentiality.

A big thank you from everyone at Ropetackle Arts Centre

By becoming a Patron, Friend or Donor you are making a fantastic contribution towards maintaining Ropetackle for the local community, and we need your support to survive.


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