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Sound Bath

Sound Bath

Thursday 15th Feb and Saturday 9th March 

The sound bath is a session of deep relaxation induced by the sounds made by certain instruments like Himalayan singing bowls, gongs and therapeutic percussion pieces. It has been recognized to have therapeutic effects on people for centuries and has been used by health practitioners all over the world.

During a sound bath, a profound sense of peace and tranquility will surround you. You will feel the healing and cleansing power of various different singing bowls, gong and rattles.

All your stress and tension will become washed away with these vibrations, which will allow a space for a deeper healing to take place.

Thursday 15th Feb: 7-9pm Mezzanine Room
Saturday 9th March: 2-4pm Mezzanine room
£15 Per Person
To book please contact Emi: 07511218192